Inspiration behind back2life

From barely being able to walk even 100 meters or being unable to stand for longer than 5 minutes to now having endless bounds of energy to go running, swimming and out for social gatherings, the kidney transplant has not only given me my life back but also instilled the joy of youth inside me. This journey from being weak and helpless to becoming strong and powerful, is the inspiration behind setting up back2life ,
I got my life back, so can you.

A couple of years back, my life felt seemingly worthless and I felt I was edging slowly but surely towards inevitable death. Countless hours had been spent with me lying on the bed motionless on Dialysis and my condition didn't seem to get any better.

Dialysis was literally sucking every inch of life from me and had seemingly sapped out all energy from my body. I was always lethargic and not only could I not do the simple things I used to do which were a part of my lifestyle, but even menial tasks like bending and lifting seemed like an ordeal.
Life seemed a long dark tunnel with no sign of light at the end.

Thankfully, life had other things in store for me and coupled with my positive spirit and endless will to fight and live on, I got a new unexpected lease of life. After placing my trust in the hands of the able surgeons, I underwent a Kidney Transplant Surgery which has completely transformed my life.

My energy levels surged up, the zeal which had escaped my soul came right back and I was feeling a lot younger and raring to take on the world again. All those days I spent lumbering through in bed in despair, seemed like a distant memory. I was finally able to live life to the fullest again with all due credit to the Kidney I was so kindly gifted.
That’s where the idea for starting back2Life hit me; because of the pain and suffering caused to me due to my kidney failure, I took it upon myself and decided no other person should go through the agony of dialysis and that bitter experience led me to start back2Life as my way of giving back to life.

If you are at end stage renal failure and have a healthy heart, we will assist you every step of the way to undergo that transplant which will put your life right back on track.

Our Services

Before undergoing any major surgery, one needs to undertake extensive planning and information gathering to ensure you're completely in the loop of all the protocols. back2Life understands and empathizes with our patients needs, because we realise how daunting and demanding a transplant procedure can be and hence we give utmost priority to each and every surgery and treat every patient with the highest level of professionalism and respect.

Due to our immense knowledge in dealing with patients suffering from chronic renal failure, we have ensured that our services are top notch and yet deliver the best value for your money. We have expertise in guiding you through all the necessary paperwork/proof required to get your transplant sanctioned by the Hospital ethics committee.
The procedures and the surgery will be done by our renowned surgeons using minimum invasive techniques allowing for the quickest healing time.

back2Life makes certain that not only will your transplant go smoothly without any hassles but also ensure that you get outstanding service and VIP treatment throughout your stay abroad.
Your personal escort is there to handle the all hassles of coordinating paperwork, making appointments, collecting medicines and making sure that every last detail is looked into.

We also make sure that your aftercare is conducive to a speedy recovery by facilitating a comfortable and cosy ambience for your recuperation and catering to your every need during that period with 24/7 one-on- one care.
Our packages are all inclusive of the evaluation tests, transplant surgery, doctor’s fees, medical supplies, room charges, and all hotel and travel expenses. We strive to give you the best value for you money, without compromising on the quality you receive.
For us, the top priority is always your physical and mental well-being.

Our Hospitals

We at back2Life have affiliations with highly skilled and qualified doctors in the field of nephrology and renal care and also have partnerships with the most advanced and hi-tech hospitals in Europe.
We specialize in taking you to the best hospitals with renowned medical practitioners so you can sit back, relax and look forward to a new chapter of a youthful life.

Our panel of doctors are best in the business and are well equipped to deal with
every situation.
The procedures and the surgery will be done by our skilled surgeons using minimum invasive techniques in state of the art operation theatres.

Post operation,.when your immunity has been compromised to accept the new organ, you need to be in isolated caring. that’s where back2life comes in by ensuring you are comfortable within the confines of our ultra luxurious and supremely clean and hygienic hospitals so that you worry less and rest more.

Our nephrologist monitors your progress on a daily basis, to ensure you’re well rested and healing as per the schedule.
Your well-being and recovery is our number one priority and we take great pains to ensure that.

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